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ClubsFirst is the England Hockey accreditation scheme for clubs. 

It is a national recognition of clubs that can demonstrate that theyare working towards minimum operating standards. Clubs First is alignedwith the Sport England Clubmark accreditation, recognised nationally byNGBs, local government, education and the sporting industry. In itssimplest terms, the process will ensure that your club has a “safeeffective and child friendly” club environment. All clubs achievingClubsFirst also achieve the Sport England Clubmark accreditation, anationally recognised award for sports clubs.

Why do ClubsFirst?

Clubs achieving the ClubsFirst award are recognised as workingtowards providing a Safe, Effective and Child Friendly hockeyEnvironment. They also receive the CLUBMARK award. County SportsPartnerships and Funding agencies are increasingly recognising theseclubs and choosing to work with them as a priority. There are also arange of benefits, priority bookings and other services available toClubsFirst clubs.

Sevenoaks Hockey Club and ClubsFirst

Here at Sevenoaks Hockey Club, we are working tirelessly to ensure we exceed Sport England's minimum operating standards giving your childthe safest of environments to enjoy their hockey in. Please feel free to visit the club during the Junior training sessions to experience this great environment for yourself and we are sure you will be more than happy for your child to have a fulfilling hockey career at Sevenoaks.